We enable our clients to access deep insight from their data

We extract more valuable, reliable and precise information by deploying all of today’s leading-edge Artificial Intelligence tools.

We deliver advanced solutions that drive competitiveness and profitability

HyperDAP is very approachable and responsive to the needs of our customers.

Using leading edge software technologies that include our in-house data quality measurement and improvement components, we help to improve the way our clients operate.

We develop cost-effective automated monitoring, analysis and interpretation software to make your day-to-day operations more competitive and more controllable.

We provide all the specialist AI resources you might need

HyperDAP’s highly capable team has excellent skills backed by decades of experience in developing software solutions based on AI and innovative digital technologies. We facilitate to unlock real value from your data assets.

For many SMEs, including some larger organisations, retaining in-house AI expertise is not cost-effective. At the same time, not pursuing the efficiencies and competitive advantages offered by AI is not an option for them.

We work with you to identify and deliver digital solutions for your needs

Working with HyperDAP squares the circle by tapping into our team of dedicated specialists to access AI capabilities and data insights to achieve digitalisation goals. You get the benefit of the skills and the professional solutions you need. At the end of the process, you fully own any software we develop for you, no ifs and no buts.

Whatever your business sector, we can demystify data analysis and help you to digitalise your business.