About HyperDAP

Located in Aberdeen UK, HyperDAP was established in January 2019 by Nicoletta Maurizi to help businesses gain deeper insight from their data.

HyperDAP is short for Hyper Data Analysis Platform and the name reflects our focus on data analytics software.

We are hardware neutral and when required, our software only ever adopts free-to-use open-source components from third parties.

We are fully independent in any respect and we always act in the best interest of our customer.

Our values –customer first

We are an approachable, flexible and dependable company and we aim to create the best customer experience we can by listening to your needs and being straight with you about what we can do and when we can do it.

We provide high integrity and confidential services and integrate efficient security measures into all that we do.

Any software we develop for you will be owned by you at the end of the project – there will be no wrangling over intellectual property rights.

We act professionally at all times and seek to put the customer first in all our work.

Our team

HyperDAP’s highly capable team has excellent skills backed by decades of experience in developing software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and other innovative digital technologies to unlock real and sustained value from your data assets.

Based in our Aberdeen office, but working remotely for most of the last year due to Covid19, the team interacts seamlessly to deliver to high-quality output in a highly professional manner to all of our customers.

Composed of young and experienced professionals from all over the world with a passion for engineered code, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, our goal is to create industrial-strength software that provides what users expect and require.