We have joined the Green Leadership for Low Carbon Business Growth programme

HyperDAP Managing Director Nicoletta Maurizi, has joined the Leadership programme led by Entrepreneurial Scotland and supported by ETZ Energy Transition Zone and Opportunity North East.

Being a business committed to sustainability and Net Zero is not just a fashionable mantra: for us is a true statement and belief.

Confidence – Passion – Resiliance are the qualities of an entrepreneurial mind. With this programme we are going to achieve and sharpen these tools to succeed in making a green difference!

MAY 2021

IDQI Intelligent Data Quality Improver has hit the press AGAIN!

The Intelligent Data Quality Improver (IDQI) brings together a range of cutting-edge data analysis technologies to increase the quality of any dataset, the quality of computational processes using these data and consequently the quality of their results.

Had enough of garbage in, garbage out? The HyperDAP IDQI tool is the support you need for your business.


IDQI Intelligent Data Quality Improver project completed.

When you think about data, what concerns you most? Is having too much data to process causing you concern over its value and insight? Or perhaps your problem is that you have bad data and you are struggling to unlock its hidden potential?

Datasets typically contain far more layers than many people realise – they are true treasure troves which, when handled correctly, can add value well beyond the information that they seem to contain. The key is to find a way to unlock this potential.

The IDQI project, started in 2019 and sponsored by HyperDAP, The Data Lab, and OGIC, successfully tested and proved this hypothesis. Conducted at the University of Aberdeen over a year, the project has clearly demonstrated that numerical data can be assessed, measured, and improved.

Many sectors currently produce large numerical datasets on a daily basis, ranging from gigabytes to terabytes. The Oil and Gas sector is one such producer, but it’s far from being the only one.

The IDQI project has the potential to revolutionise data interpretation across all sectors, bringing greater insight than ever before.


OGTC Tech20 Virtual:How to train your D…Data!

Join HyperDAP at the OGTC Tech20 presentation for a pragmatic view on Data training, AI, ML and Data quality.

Let’s reveal a few misconceptions and some secrets from a combined, real-world technical and business perspective:

ML and its superset AI are silver bullets capable of automatically extracting new results from your data – really?

Data is widely considered valuable, even if sometimes is it worth nothing and are totally unreliable – why nobody links value to data quality?

Let’s continue the discussion.


HyperDAP at the Start-Up Village – Offshore Europe 2019 – Aberdeen UK

HyperDAP presented at Offshore Europe 2019 in Aberdeen, UK as part of the Start-Up Village sponsored by the Oil and Gas Technology Center (OGTC).

Nicoletta Maurizi, HyperDAP founder and Managing Director, gave a short presentation of the company and its roadmap to support SMEs in their digital transformation at the Pitch Battle.

Both the ensuing discussion with the public in attendance and the interaction with other companies gave rise to interesting and fruitful discussions during and after the event.

September 2019

HyperDAP project on Data Quality Improvement IDQI has hit the press

A number of articles have been published on the novel project IDQI that HyperDAP has launched. This project is funded and supported by OGIC and The Data Lab.

The project collaborators from the University of Aberdeen, Computer Science, Prof. Wamberto Wasconcelos and Dr. Ernesto Compatangelo are contributing with their vast experience on both AI and Machine Learning techniques.