Digital Transformation Assessment

To identify the client’s digitalisation needs and produce a prioritised list of potential projects and associated benefits.

  • Interactive dialogue with you
  • Review of client data and client expectation
  • Identification of potential digitalisation areas and associated benefits
  • Screening of potential AI projects and associated benefits
  • Prioritised list of potential projects and associated benefits.
  • Project costed and delivered on time and in budget

Software Design and Development

We develop software to analyse and interpret large numerical data sets using a combination of advanced and innovative AI and algorithmic techniques, for all aspects of numerical data processing.

  • Virtually unlimited data calculation capabilities
  • Customisable customer calculations
  • Expandability according to customer needs
  • Similar user experience to Excel
  • Runnability on multiple platforms
  • Open source libraries and third-party software
  • Distribution in a local environment

Analysis and Interpretation

Our innovative analytics combine our in-house methods with leading-edge technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, statistical and advanced mathematical techniques.

  • Extraction of features and hidden trends from data
  • Modelling of the physical behaviours underpinning sensorial data readings
  • Detection of zones of interest in very large multidimensional numerical datasets
  • Data quality metrics measurements and improvements
  • Correlation and cross-correlation of heterogeneous datasets logs
  • Interpretation of scenarios based on numerical data
Data Quality Improvement

Our innovative Intelligent Data Quality Improver packages turbocharge each step of the data processing at the heart of our analysis and interpretation features

  • Numerical data reliability assessment
  • Detection and correction of gaps, outliers, noise, bias
  • Extraction of further information to drive the dataset analysis and interpretation process
  • Use of analysis results to improve numerical data quality
  • Quantitative metrics to measure dataset quality

Use of ML and other AI technologies to drive the data quality improvement process

Customer Support

Our aim is to create the best customer experience

  • Business needs assessment
  • System requirements specifications
  • Deployment and maintenance services
  • Documentation of testing activities
  • User documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Handover support activities
  • Go-live support and hand-holding